Art director based in LA, specializing in the film, advertising, and motion industry.
She has a comprehensive experience across typography, illustration, and motion projects. Specialized examples range from large scale narrative driven 3D promo films to A24 film campaigns.
Her deep knowledge of pop culture, design expertise, and friendly collaboration enables projects to execute at the highest level. These include cinematic campaigns for Acura, Amazon, Blizzard, and Riot Games.
In film, her work with A24 film campaigns are featured with The Witch, Midsommar, Suspiria, The Lighthouse, MEN, Mank, Hereditary, Saint Maud and The Alienist.​​​​​​​
Ukrainian-Russian raised, she lived in the UK and The Netherlands, and currently is based in the US. She gathered a vast amount of experience and cultural literacy working at studios and design agencies across the world.

Her work has been nominated for an ADC Young Guns award. She's been published, and featured by New Republic, Slanted Magazine, Creator’s project, Design Collector, Supersonic Art, POW!WOW! Worldwide, and Noh/Wave Academy.
Her illustration work has been acknowledged and shown in galleries internationally including exhibitions in Tokyo and Moscow, and currently her work is available for sale as NFT on MakersPlace
A24, Acura, Activision Blizzard, Audible, Amazon Studios, Boomerang Agency, Discord, INDG, Riot Games, Massive Assembly, Watson DG, We Are Royale