New character reveal cinematic  in collaboration with Riot Games and We Are Royale.

We’ve managed to marry 2D and 3D scenes into one coherent bombastic cinematic.
 I’ve designed 2D scenes and typography, including 2d animation sequence frames and stills.

We Are Royale
Riot Games

2D Illustration & Design
Mariia Menshikova

CCO, Co-Founder: 
Brien Holman

CEO, Co-Founder:
Jennifer Lucero

Managing Director:
Beck Henderer-Peña

Loren Judah

Animation Supervisor:
Pat Clarke

CG Supervisor:
Matt Guzzardo

Art Director:
Ben Hurand

Executive Producer:
Rhys Demery

Director of Business Development:
Heidi Netzley

Head of Production:
Asheley Hu Roe

Senior Producer:
Lisa Laubhan

Illustration and Design:

Brandon Smith,
Elleyce Pahang,
Ridell Apellanes,
Nikita Kibirev,
Dylan Casano,
Josh Childers,
Ryan Brant

Animation/ Compositing:
Jared Norby,
Dylan Casano,
Nikita Kibirev,
Charlie Proctor,
Foram Jani,
Alex Maxwell,
Pat Clarke

Isaac Ruth

Production Coordinator:
Bernard Ellouk

Original Music Composer:
Jason Walsh

Music producer:
Kimberly Levin

Sound Mix/ Design:
Sean Balas

Spencer Sturr
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