Recent personal & commercial work
Face the terrible and inevitable: it’s Monday. Designed and illustrated this special spooky mask.

Who Is The Observer, digital painting, 2017 
Artificial Intelligence is creating its own knowledge, initially based on human knowledge, it’s now evolving to something new, it’s an emerging field we’re not familiar yet. As you look at this image of a cyborg, the AI is looking at our intellectual and cultural heritage, creating its own knowledge. I find it quite fascinating. The image cyborg’s looking at is an ommage to René Magritte’s “Lovers”.
Artwork was done for the G8 festival in Moscow.
Artwork within the artwork

A series of three visuals for techno music festival Sub:merged in Breda, The Netherlands, commissioned by Boomerang Agency.

Memorial illustration of Mayor of Amsterdam for Boomerang Agency.
Eberhard van der Laan, 1955-2017, in office 2010-2017.

Personal works


Celebrating my 3k reach on Instagram, I've made this achievement painting. Enjoy!

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